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Terms of Use

Full Tilt Remix is solely for promotional use and is restricted to use by professional DJs and FCC licensed broadcasters only. All respective copyrights are reserved. Any unauthorized resale, distribution, public display, or duplication is strictly prohibited, is a violation of all applicable laws, and is subject to prosecution.

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FCC Licensed Radio Stations

Full Tilt Remix, LLC is solely intended for promotional use by professional DJs and/or by properly licensed broadcast entities. By purchasing this product, you certify that you are a professional DJ and/or broadcaster. All rights reserved by the original record companies or copyright holders. Any unauthorized distribution, duplication, public display, or resale of these compilations is strictly prohibited and is a violation of all applicable laws.

Radio stations should NOT purchase products directly through this site. Please contact us at radio@fulltiltremix.com for more information on receiving our service for FCC licensed radio stations.

SHIPPING: Orders shipped within two business days (subject to availability). Domestic orders shipped via
USPS Priority Mail. International orders shipped via USPS First Class International.

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